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CentercreaseC1 High Beehive C2 Dirty Billy Special with Medium Beehive C3 Mosby C4 Lady's Spoon Hat C5
Bowler C7 Sugarloaf Farmer C8 Spanish Crown Pillbox C9 Low Bowler C10 Dirty Billy with Sugarloaf Crown
Dirty Billy Special with Round Crown C12 Pale Rider C13 Flat-Brim Top Hat C14 John Bull C15 Mechanic's Hat (Variety of Fabrics Available)C17
Bell Crown Top Hat C18 Beehive Farmer C19 Sam Clark C20 Stetson's 1860 Boss of the Plains Cowboy HatC21 1860s Pork Pie
Wide Brim Pill Box
Lady's Riding Top Hat C32 Appomattox
Tombstone Hat circa 1880
High-Crown Tombstone
Low Crown DerbyC37 1860 Top Hat with Close Brim
Crucible - 1640s
Cavalier - 1640s
Pilgrim - 1620sC31   1850s Low CrownC33 1850s Low Crown, Wide BrimC34 1860s Lady's Hat from Godey's BookC35
    18th Century Low Crown Cocked HatC38 18th Century Civilian Cocked HatC39  
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